IMG_1192-3.jpgAt St Matthew's we are dedicated to providing an active and engaging Mathematics curriculum which not only teaches skills but also provides opportunities for problem solving in a real life context. Please see the year group documents below to see what is taught in each year group now we have adopted the new 2014 Mathematics curriculum. Please note that the Mathematics taught in Early Years (Nursery and Reception) can be found in their tabs along the side. 


Year 1 Programme of Study

Year 2 Programme of Study

Year 3 Programme of Study

Year 4 Programme of Study

Year 5 Programme of Study

Year 6 Programme of Study

We also have extensive progression documents which are used throughout the school. These detail the expectations for each year group and also aid differentiation to ensure all pupils are challenged appropriately. These documents can be found below and provide useful examples of each objective taught within our Mathematics curriculum. 

Measures Progression document

Handling Data Progression document

Mental methods progression document

Money Progression document

Fractions progression document

Shape Progression document

Written methods and calculation document

Time progression document